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carvin lb70 manual

Replace strings regularly to avoid dead strings which can cause intonation problems.Each Carvin bass is set for best possible playing action for the Keep the string. To see what Bass Player. Online had to say about this model, It's a 2006 model, The Elite package comes standard with a In addition to these features, Ken added a Birdseye In addition to the. Like the Elite, it's equipped with an H50S humbucker in the neck position, and Prismatique is one of the most unusual finishes ever offered, by Carvin or any Photographing it is The Macassar ebony truss rod cover I made Although this appears on theAnd not only is the bass great, but the Here's what Sam has to say about it. Carvin LB70. It's a fretless version with inlaid lines and dots, which really The P-Series upgrade is awesome, with a lot of tonal For all those who might lust after a similar Emerald Green over quilted maple Top), QPH (matching quilted maple headstock This comes from the mind ofAnd with theJesse says: I bought thatThis is a 1998 model, and is loaded Other features It also has However, Rick's has black chrome This is a late 90's It's a late 80's model, in However, it has obviously undergone a Some may find them interesting. What I have to post is an interesting all maple It was originally fretted when I bought it used. I EMG pickups and new Carvin pots and knobs. The green bass is a custom order LB70. I placed last summer with Carvin with swamp ash wood, rounded body, black The is somewhat of aAdditionally, theIt's an '03 LB70P, in blueburst on quilt,Body construction is the standardCool! And with it below, a. Thanks very much to BassYou can't play an LB-70 in a store unless youThe LB-70 was one ofSome players didn't like theThe controls are simple: masterAll of the controls on ourIt has goodWe were also able to coaxAll Rights Reserved. Reproduced by permission. Basically trying to determine each knobs function. Any help would be greatly appreciated. carvinlb70.JPG Please REGISTER or LOG IN.

So, you have a two-pickup instrument, not 3. The two pickups are neck, and bridge. The second large knob - the one toward the bridge, is the pickup pan selector. Twist the knob 100% of the way toward the neck, and you will solo the neck pickup. Twist it 100% of the way toward the bridge, and you will solo the bridge pickup. What is nice about bass technology is that it was created later than guitar technology, and started from a more developed perspective (less heritage). Most guitars don't have this ability. Most guitars have switching, not panning. The small knob closest to the neck is the high, the middle is mid, and the knob furthest back is low. You can sweep these separately, and tone shape accordingly. You are my HERO of the Day!!! Your Immediate response was amazing.I love the bbs community. Guitar guys are ok, but.LOL So, no stacked knob, I assume. Correct? Like, the bottom and top of the same knob rotate separately. Also, can you give us a shot of the body backside. Coaching i will say this. Put the three tone knobs in the center detent position and leave them there, with no tone tweaking, for several live performances or band practices in a row. Get to know your pickups and what they sound like panned and solo'd until you get into tone tweaking. What pickups are those? I'm not sure which pickups they are, it's very difficult finding info on these. My friend had it Built early to mid 2000's. He can't remember the exact year. lol. He just signed up for Medi-Care. I was surprised to see that it has a spacer wood between the Alder and Walnut. Beautiful Bass! It's a fretless. Here are a few more pics. Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 9.20.19 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 9.20.35 PM.png Screen Shot 2017-10-22 at 9.20.54 PM.png Please REGISTER or LOG IN. I don't mean to be irritating, but if you take close up pics of the pickups we can identify what type of pickups they are. For now I will say they are stock single coil J99's, but that's just a guess.

I believe J99's were the stock single coils back then. It's highly doubtful that there's a J99 at the neck, but a stacked humbucker at the bridge (same shape). She's a beauty. Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 10.57.32 AM.png Screen Shot 2017-10-23 at 10.56.58 AM.png They both look the me.? Please REGISTER or LOG IN. Yes, they look the same to me too. Looks like they have a black dot in front of the Carvin logo, which would make them J99 single coils as gnp reasoned. Does this sound right? The info on the museum site will tell for sure, as can some even older - time BBS members. Also, depending on when the bass was built, the mid control may be the one closest to the bottom of the guitar. The first iteration of that active module had only treble and bass boost and cut. Later the Mid was added, but it was an option, so it was stuck on the bottom. My 2002 B4A is set up like that. My B5, which was made later, has the mid control in the middle, where you'd expect it. Is there no chance of battery drain in passive when the instrument cord is plugged in. I just got 2 of the lb piezo basses and would love to just pull the volume knob vs unplugging every time I put down the bass. Also regarding the dots. I have two pickup's with brown dots and I believe I found on museum that they are j99a. Anyone know the diff between black dot j99 and brown dot j99a? Please REGISTER or LOG IN. Thanks for the info Various generations of the preamp could get fried by putting a battery in backwards, or changung the battery while plugged in. I dont know enough about the details.only that they can be issues. The administrators will block all e-mail addresses violating the established BBS rules. It comes with a solid, double cutaway body made of alder. For the basic specs list Carvin opted to omit the top wood covers, and decided to make them available as options.

In the bridge section of this bass, Carvin installs a hipshot bridge with four saddles and string-through construction. Basic hardware color is chrome, but black and gold are also available. In the pickups area Carin installs a pair of their own pickups. Master volume, pickup blend knob, stacked bass, stacked mids and sweep knobs make up the controls. Neck is made of maple and it is attached to the body with a neck-through-body joint. Ebony is the material of choice for the fingerboard.If you have more information about Carvin LB70 Active Bass please write a review. Some reviews are automatically generated generated by using verbal representation of publicly available numeric rating information musicians entered while writing review of Carvin LB70 Active Bass. User generated reviews of Carvin LB70 Active Bass represent opinions of credited authors alone, and do not represent Chorder's opinion.All trademarks, images and copyrights on this page are owned by their respective companies. It may not display this or other websites correctly. You should upgrade or use an alternative browser. Sign Up Now! It is my first post here and it really just a shot in the dark. If anything, it was a parts purchase. 1) The first problem is that I'm not sure if I've identified it since someone refinished it or it was from some kind of a kit. 2) It has some wires off or missing from the battery compartment and I have never seen this kind of amp before. I really love how this bass feels and it would be a shame to scrap it for parts if there is a way to get it working. I will post pictures once I figure out how. I also wanted to mention that I think this site is pretty awesome. There is so many goodies buried in this site. It will take quite sometime to read through here. Kudos to the site owner for creating this forum.I'm thinking it is the bolt-on version. Very likely was the kit with a home finish.

This model (and the 5 string B5) were parts kit basses sold by Carvin for people who wanted to finish and assemble their own bass at a very reasonable price. They offered guitar kits as well.But not mad about it. This model (and the 5 string B5) were parts kit basses sold by Carvin for people who wanted to finish and assemble their own bass at a very reasonable price. They offered guitar kits as well. Click to expand. My brother got me one years ago. It turned out pretty cool. Later on I gave it to a friend to finish. The finish turned out pretty rough. Butbthe bass player great. I wound up giving it back to him so my nieces could play around on it. Then you can put an active pre in it later if you want.I tried to use my common sense and solder a battery to the board on the inside but that didn't work.Click to expand. Pull for passive mode. In passive mode, it needs no battery installed. So, if the only problem is a battery connection, the bass should work in passive mode. The volume and pickup blend controls (the 2 big knobs) will work, but the 3 EQ controls will do nothing in passive mode.I'm waiting for a new Gotoh battery case. I take it to the next step then. I shop at the local goodwill. On occasion the person who prices things prices low if an item looks broken. I've gotten lucky a few times.They would be likely be glad to sell you a new pre amp, as well, but it may not so much dead as not properly connected. For 20 bux you did great. If it were me, I'd find out what it needs to get the pre working and tear it all down to refinish and reassemble. Once you go through it, it will not only be a decent, functioning bass but also something you can look back on with pride, knowing you saved it and learned in the process.It is my first post here and it really just a shot in the dark. Kudos to the site owner for creating this forum. Click to expand. I'm thinking it is the bolt-on version. Very likely was the kit with a home finish. Click to expand. It is neck through.

I have never seen one that's was not. If it's a carvin, it's a kitThey would be likely be glad to sell you a new pre amp, as well, but it may not so much dead as not properly connected. Once you go through it, it will not only be a decent, functioning bass but also something you can look back on with pride, knowing you saved it and learned in the process. Click to expand. IMO, that was an excellent score.When the unit failed the second time, I was forced go passive- but I learned to like it. Making adjustments at amp works well for me. I kinda prefer passive now.But I still record a lot and I prefer to be passive in that regard. I tried it last night (since it's only working passively anyway) and it has a really nice sound without doing much to it on the amp sideI would be interested to hear about current customer service experiences. I am assembling a Carvin B5 kit, paint is curing, the body is waiting for the neck. An Aguilar on board preamp will be installed. Sometimes I am proud of my paint job. Sometimes I wonder what the heck I was thinking. Be inspired. or mortified. Anyway, I anticipate banging up the bass at parties and bars.I think their preamps are pretty much their weak link anyway. If you like how it sounds passive, just run it passive. You really aren't missing a whole lot with their preamp.I think their preamps are pretty much their weak link anyway. You really aren't missing a whole lot with their preamp. Click to expand. No passive mode. Kind of blah sounding. I replaced it with the Carvin 3 band pre-amp. It sounds much better. Clearer, more punch. The 3 band has a passive mode and an internal trim, so, it's fairly flexible. I'm sure other preamps like the Aguilar or Batolini are a little better, but the Carvin 3 band is good enough that I don't feel there's enough justification to replace it as long as it's working. If the preamp quits or if I ever purchase a used Carvin with the 2 band preamp, I would definitely consider an aftermarket preamp.

Gold Supporters see zero ads. Upgrade Now Thanks for your support! By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. And while the 1977 LB70 featured this month was a production bass, it was still unique. Known for its direct-to-customer marketing of made-to-order instruments, the company originally made pickups and lap steels, then delved into Spanish-style electric guitars in the mid ’50s. One electronic option was dual-coil to single-coil switching. The input jack was also on the top of the pickguard. They also used three mini-toggles consisting of two coil-splitters (one of each pickup) and a phase switch. Because of their plethora of knobs and switches, the SB and SC have individual Volume controls, and a master Tone. Curiously, this incongruity is not mentioned in the catalog.The presence of two input jacks tags the LB70SB as a stereo instrument, but the wiring of the inputs was similar to Rickenbacker’s “Ric-O-Sound” configuration; plugging into one jack with a regular cord allows both pickups to be utilized in mono.Soon afterward, the company turned to set-neck models, followed in the ’80s by neck-through designs. It’s still a popular model today, and has been supplemented with five-string and six-string versions.” All copyrights are by the author and Vintage Guitar magazine. Unauthorized replication or use is strictly prohibited. Simply submit this form. Up for Auct i on is a USA MADE Carvin LB70 4 String B as s. This Bass is Ne ck Through Body Constructi on. As well as string through body. This gives the best possible sound and sustain when compar ed to other construction method s. I bought this bass 2nd hand from the original owner. Serial number reads 63847. This bass features active electronics with one Carvin humb ucking double coil and one Carvin single coil. The electronics feature volume for ea ch pickup. A coil tap to make the humb ucker a single coil. And a 3 band active eq with boost and c ut for bass mid and treble.

The one volume knob is cur rently black instead of silver. If this is a pr oblem let me k now, I should have an extr a silver knob somewhere. I am pretty sure it is Alder body wood. With a maple neck. Natural finish with a semi-seal tung oil type.The fretboard looks like ebony. 24 frets. Truss Rod Cover is missing. The action is a bit high and might need a personalized setup. However it currently plays great and is intonated well. The bass is in pretty good condition with some signs of gig and studio use. There is a small scrat ch on the back of the neck. Behind the 3 rd fret(see picture) This is the worst blemish on the guitar. The rest are small scrat ches and slight we ar. But the natur al finish hides them well. See pictures to confirm the overall good condit ion of the Bass. The bass com es with the mo lded hard shell case. There is a small portion of Styrofoam cut ou t of the case next to the accessory compart ment. I think this was cut out to fit a pedal that the original owner carried in the case. The piece of felt is still attached and looks like it could be resown of desired. Continental US Bidders only please. I will ship U PS Ground. Guitar will be packaged well and I will ship fast. Please see the pictures and feel free to ask any questions. Thanks! Posted with The color is Jet Black. This is an excellent playing and sounding bass with low action. The bass has 18V Active Electronics and Passive Mode. With Abalone Dot Inlays, a Carvin HB2(Music Man Style) pickup in the bridge position and a Carvin H50A Stacked Humbucker in the neck position. Also included is the original Carvin Hard Shell Case also in Excellent Condition. This bass was rarely used. If purchased you will not be disappointed in the fine instrument. The bass will be securely packed in the original hard shell case and promptly shipped in the original Carvin Box within the continental US only. Below is some information from Carvin: The LB70 is Carvin's longest-running bass model.

And is a mainstay of Carvin's bass lineup. This basic configuration debuted in 1988,.The LB70 active bass is built to the highest possible standards with features found only on high-end and boutique basses, without the boutique price. There are hundreds of available options on Carvin's LB70 bass, and because we sell direct to you, you can design a fully-custom USA-made bass at a price that can't be beat. The LB70 is more than just an instrument- it's a work of art that you'll be proud to play and own for a lifetime. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING AVAILABLE! 1991 Carvin LB70 Bass. Made in the USA. 4 string model. Very cool Yellow finish is bright but not over the top. Neck-thru construction. Topped with an Ebony board. Dual pickups with active electronics and stereo outputs. Black hardware. All original with no mods, breaks, or repairs. Bass has some basic playmarks, but is in overall very good condition. A very cool USA made 4 string. Ships in its original Carvin hardshell case. Verified Paypal accepted from all buyers. Please email or call 732-713-4156 with item or payment questions before bidding. Most buyers outside the US will be welcome. But all buyers outside the continental 48 states MUST contact me BEFORE bidding.No exceptions. NJ residents add 7% sales tax. Thanks for looking. Please check out our other auctions- Next Big Thing Guitars Mint condition with some light scuffs on pickup. Sharpytip size light impression on side, light fingernail impression on back of neck behind 1st string 15th fret, frets have little to no wear. Made in the USA Weighs 8.4 pounds. Color: Vintage Yellow Includes Carvin tweed case. City and Country for an exact shipping rate.It is the Carvin LB70. It’s a mid-90's USA made 4-string bass. The bass is combination koa wood and maple neck through with active J-bass style pickups. Tuning machines are the locking type by Sperzel and there is a D-tuner on the low'E' string. Fingerboard is 24 fret ebony.

This bass plays very nicely with a low smooth action. Frets are in excellent condition with tons of life left. Pickups have all the great features of a Jazz bass sound with hum-less operation due to the active system. This bass shows a few nicks and dings from normal use but is structurally solid with no issues beyond the cosmetic. Please see pictures 9 and 10. The glare in picture 10 makes the dings look worse.The dings are on the edges of the body. Listing includes the original hard shell Carvin case shown and Duncan strap lock buttons. I have cleaned the electronics. Polished the body and headstock, oiled the fret board, adjusted the string height and set the intonation. This guitar has received a complete professional setup and is ready to play. Below is the write-up and specs from Carvin. Standard electronics consist of a pair of Carvin alnico single coils with our 9V active electronics module. Controls consist of volume. Pickup blend, bass and high frequency. Optional SP Series soapbar humbuckers provide additional mid-range punch and top-end definition with a deep, smooth bass response, while our HB Series humbuckers provide a fat, monstrous tone with excellent top-end clarity. For the ultimate in tone, you can add the P Series upgrade, which incorporates a Hipshot piezo bridge, individual amplifiers and trim pots for each string, and a blend control to blend the piezo with the soapbar pickups. The P Series upgrade creates a warm acoustic tone w The tweed case has one broken latch, but case is still functional. Also has active pickups and 24 frets. Feel free to ask questions. Be sure to add me to your!Check out my! Not sure if I will relist this item. So if you are interested, bid or buy today. On May-14-13 at 05:13:01 PDT. Seller added the following information: This bass was played at CBGB's! 7.RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk%601d72f%2Bkw5%7Fos1%3E%3E7-13ea4495d92-0xf3- It is the Carvin LB70. It’s a USA made 4-string bass.

The bass has an alder body. Tuning machines are locking Sperzel-type by Carvin and there is a drop D-tuner. Pickups have all the great features of a Jazz bass sound with humless operation due to the active system. This bass has very few marks, only normal signs of usage. Listing includes the hard shell case as shown. Polished the body and headstock, oiled the fret board, adjusted the string.This guitar has received a complete professional setup and is ready to play. Pickup blend, bass and high frequency.The frets and nut are in excellent condition with no wear to mention. Control pots. Active pickups, tuners, output jack, and truss rod are all working just as they should.Free shipping to continental U.S.A. up-charge for Alaska, Hawaii. No international shipping. Also included is a Carvin hard shell case. Bass has been tested for proper operation prior to listing. This Listing Includes- Bass Guitar in Original Case. Long Hollow Black Leather Strap, Neotech Neoprene Wireless Pouch. Jim Dunlop Original Strap Locks. Bass has some VERY LIGHT scuffs here and there. Mainly around the strings(probably pick strokes) There are a few scratches between the knobs and pickups. I ran a fingernail across them.But I could feel the abrasion. There is a small scuff on the tip of the head stock. I do my best to list items. As accurately as possible. With that being said I may not catch every ding, or scratch, etc I usually take several.While inspecting the pictures. If you notice something that may not be in the description. Or you may just want another angle of that area, or just clarification- please contact me. I will inspect that area. Take pictures and send them via ebay messages, etc.I want your purchase to be as informed as possible. And welcome ALL Questions. Please do so prior to the last 24 hours of the end of the listing though. STRINGS WILL BE LOOSENED when shipped. PLEASE Inspect ALL Pictures.You Never Know What We'll List NEXT.Hawaii, or any U.S.

Territory- Please Made in USA. This bass has only a couple hours playing time on it. It is strung with flat wound strings. There are no issues with this bass. It is like new. Frets. Neck, truss, tuners, electronics, finish all like new. This bass is decked out with fully rounded body sides. Neck is maple with ebony finger board, and abolone block inlays. The body is ash with a flamed maple top, and matching headstock and a translucient red finish in high gloss. It looks gorgeous. All hardware is gold plated. Bridge is string thru body as well as top load. The electronics are active and can be used in passive mode also. This bass has a factory installed drop D tuner and factory installed Dunlop strap locks. Looks and plays as new. May show a few light finger marks but no scratches, dings, dents or buckle rash.The case is fine and functions as it should. It just doesn't look as new as this bass does. With all the options on this bass, as it is now, it would cost you right around 1500.00 for carvin to build and ship with case and also take a few weeks of wait time. Here is a chance to get one like new for a lot less. I package well and ship promptly. Shipping is via UPS Ground Insured. Shipping is listed is for the lower 48 states. Anywhere else and it costs you only what I am charged to get it to you. Cosmetically this item is in Good Overall Condition. Very minor scratches on this guitar but nothing major. It does come with the case. I believe that this is a Mid 90's Guitar. The serial number is 53152. You will receive actual item as pictur e d. Please message through ebay with any questions and bid with confidence. Please review photos prior to bidding. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me. Please Contact Us Before Leaving Any Negative Feedback. Our Customer Support is Very Important To Us And We Will Be More Than Happy To Help With Any Problems! Any Further Questions Please.

Terms We are an honest seller and do our best to provide the most accurate information in all auctions. If you feel there is an error or need clarification please feel free to contact us. E-mails should be sent through eBay only. Before you leave a neutral or negative feedback. Please contact us l et us know what can we can do to assist you further. Shipping We will combine shipping costs on multiple purchases. Please wait for us to send you a revised invoice prior to payment. We only ship within the USA. We do not ship internationally. If you cannot pay with Paypal. Please contact us for further assistance. MA residents must add 6.25% sales tax. All payments should be made by 48 hours of the end of the auction. If you need more time please contact us. Returns We offer refunds on items returned within 14 days of receipt. Prior to returning anything. With mostly standard features. Options selected include a mahogany neck and body with a tung-oiled satin finish, and fretless ebony fingerboard with white fretless lines. I just don't use it any more. Buyer is responsible for actual shipping costs. With your choice of services available from Fedex or UPS. This is a very sweet bass. It is a neck thru and has active electronics that have got a ton of boom and a lot of power behind them. The bass is equipped with two active J pickups that are stock Carvin and there is a master volume, treble and bass with a pan knob as well. This is all original and the tuning keys are very nice locking keys that are in great shape and are also stock. The bass is set up with low action and is playing very very well, this fretless is just a lot of fun to play and I am a bass player primarily and I really enjoyed setting this up and getting it ready to go. Carvin has done an absolutely amazing job of giving musician's top quality for a great price. The condition is excellent. There is just some pick scratching and button scratching.All of the blemishes can be seen in the pictures.

The case is an original Carvin Tweed case which is a massive bonus. Just a huge plus. And the case is in fantastic condition. I have a 14 day return policy on all of my sales and if you have any questions at all please ask. Thanks!ATL Music and Education Buy it now on eBay G00404cep The guitar is in mint condition. It is clean throughout the entire body. It comes with the original Carvin hard shell case. 2 active pick-ups. Positive feedback is very important to us. Please let us know if there seems to be an issue or any special requests, we look forward to ebaying with you. Return policy is good for 14 days for any reason please contact us. Items are packaged well for maximum protection. If you have any special requests please let us know. DSR rating is very important to us. We strive for 5 points in all 5 category at all times. We are here seven days a week and are very active ebayers. Thank. more you Good Luck FREE SHIPPING! Features thru-neck and active electronics. Guitar was tested and works and sounds good. We are not sure if model is LB70. And year 2000. Guitar is in good cosmetic condition and minor signs of normal usage. Guitar came to us to pawn shop. We don't know the history of it. Please see all pictures for a better idea of the condition. Picture is actual item you will receive.